Rodger Collins

Author, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, FilmMaker


     Rodger Collins, born in Santa Anna, Texas, has always been very inquisitive about how and why things work. Coupled with his fascination with anthropology and natural sciences, his early rural environment inspired him to observe people and the living things around him. This habit remained with him when his family resettled to the San Francisco Bay Area.

     Rodger Collins, author, singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, and extraordinary entertainer, enjoyed success with the blockbuster recording hit, “She's Looking Good,” which went straight to number one on the charts. This was followed by several more hits popular in the United States and internationally. Collins is honored that his works currently continue to sell, are covered by multiple artists on media platforms, and are in commercials.

     Collins never stops writing about his vast experiences and rational observations. He has created a masterpiece in this book, Spilling the Beans. He has unique insights and a diverse way of expressing them. This author has a lot to share, and this one-of-a-kind powerful book is proof.

     He is an honoree with a plaque bearing his name and celebrating his career and music contributions on Oakland's Music Walk of Fame in Oakland, California.

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