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This book is loaded and a must read filled with gems we overlook. The best description for Spilling the Beans is “A Book for the World.” Spilling the Beans, relates to good people everywhere. No matter their ethnicity or religion, nor whether they are female, male, young, old, rich or poor Rodger Collins has written A Book for the World. In it are gems we casually overlook or take for granted. Many foggy, opaque concepts are clarified in a style which is easy reading, heartfelt, funny, sad, educational, refreshing, inspirational, extremely informative, and motivational.

Spilling the Beans can bring you to tears as it illustrates fairly and proves the value of women and girls is equal to the value of men and boys.  Rodger does an excellent job comparing the difference between the bully and the “ain’t taking no mess real man.” This book shows how the real man is more than just some muscles. One short essay, Young People Go for It, takes a sharp look into the huge value, potential and courage of young people. Long overdue, on its pages are many, many, many more gems.

Spilling the Beans is not a “I know it and you don’t” book. On the contrary it is just the opposite with the exception of a few instances.  In this refreshing work he provides a laser focused searchlight that allows people to see themselves and come to their own conclusions. When asked, “Why this book?” Collins responded, “The reason why I wrote this book is because it is needed.”

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