He Said She Said...

“He said, ‘You don’t know what you have. You are never going to find another one like me.’ She said, ‘THANK GOD!’ He said, ‘This ain’t no act; I’m going to be gone longer than I ain’t never coming back.’ She said…”:

For more, read Spilling The Beans.

The Mighty Color Red...

“If the color red can’t move us, we might not move. The color red is placed in almost everything for commercial value. Even the tiny dot of red can heat and raise the emotions.”For more about the color red go to “ The Mighty Color Red

in Spilling The Beans

Young people Go for IT!!!

“You already have in you everything that you need to make you superior to whoever you’re looking up to.You just have to be aware that it’s there.” Go read the special essays that I’ve dedicated straight to you young folks worldwide. Read about the powerful and important young folks you are, but never get full credit.You’re somebody! (Don’t forget this.) You are really, really somebody. Read “Young People Go For It”

Spilling The Beans-

Here you will find some interesting excerpts from the Book, "Spilling the Beans" By Rodger Collins

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